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World Embroidery Class Series II

A virtual class series exploring six unique embroidery techniques from around the globe!

Embroidery is a technique of decoration: the use of needle and thread to elaborate fabric, materials, or objects. Practiced across time and place, embroidery displays and celebrates culture and identity. Ancient embroideries – sewed with spun gold thread, tracing a pharaoh’s hem, twined into fruiting trees or rigorous geometries – have been discovered on every continent, the archaeology of a universal impulse. Our World Embroidery Series is a celebration of this global craft. Across six classes, sewists will encounter an astonishing array of culturally specific techniques, and will have the opportunity to learn from accomplished practicing teachers who are equally purposed in preserving heritage techniques.

Stitchers of every level are welcome to participate in this series, learning the motifs and mechanics of six distinct embroidery traditions from across the globe, in a series designed to convey the meaning and histories of specific stitching practice. This class will allow students to increase their skills, to participate in the preservation of culture, and to explore some of the diversity of ethnographic contributions to this ancient, tactile artform.

September 14, 2023: Czech Eyelet Embroidery
September 21, 2023: Miao Jiaoxiu Embroidery
September 28, 2023: Stumpwork
October 5, 2023: Punto Tagliato Embroidery
October 12, 2023: Palestine Thobe Embroidery
October 19, 2023: Kutch Embroidery

Classes will be hosted from 12pm – 2:30pm ET on the dates above. 

Zoom, a link will be emailed to participants the day before class.

*Participants will also have access to recordings of the live sessions in case you cannot attend. Access to these recording will be available for one month after the date of the live session.

$350 for the series
$60 for individual classes

Suggested materials for classes will be found on their corresponding class pages. A Tatter-curated materials kit specific to this series can be found here.

ExperienceThese classes are for everyone, from beginners to advanced embroiderers!

Visit our event page here to learn more about individual classes in the series. Suggested materials for each class may be found on their corresponding pages. 

*The classes in this series may be purchased à la cart at $60 or as a six-part package for a discounted price of $350.

**All classes in this series will be recorded. A link to the recording will be emailed to all registrants following the live session. You may purchase the series as a whole even after the classes have begun. You will be emailed the recordings upon sign-up.

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