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Tailored Trousers by 11.11 eleven eleven

From our dear friends at 11.11, these trousers have a slightly tailored fit, with a relaxed silhouette at the hips and a tapered ankle. Made of 100% hand-spun and handwoven linen dyed with natural indigo. 


Small (US 8, UK 10)

  • 28″ high waist
  • 32″ low waist
  • 36″ hips
  • 14.5″ chest
  • 34″ chest


Medium (US 10, UK 12)

  • 30″ high waist
  • 34″ low waist
  • 38″ hips
  • 15″ shoulder
  • 36″ chest


Large (US 12, UK 14)

  • 32″ high waist
  • 34″ low waist
  • 38″ hips
  • 15.5″ shoulders
  • 38″ chest


A note from 11.11 on Wear & Care:

Our garments are made in small batches and slightly differ from one another in texture and hue. We celebrate these subtle differences. We do not guarantee homogeneity. Natural indigo is part of the process, with additional washes the color loss will stabilise. It is the fading and bleeding of natural indigo dye which results in graceful fades as time passes. Our natural indigo is made from Indigofera tinctoria, also called true indigo specific to Asia and parts of Africa. Indigo will stain light colors.

  • Do not bleach.
  • Iron or steam with warm heat.
  • Separately handwash in warm water (25º C / 77º F).



About this collaboration

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of 11.11 / eleven eleven. Renowned for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes, the label uses heritage techniques such as hand spinning, hand loom weaving, hand painting, miniature tie-dyeing, and quilting. The label maintains its unique handmade vision by departing from mainstream manufacturing, producing small batch slow-made clothing in collaboration with groups of artisans located all across India. Each season the brand dissolves distinctions between geographic and gender boundaries – the looks are safe for the skin and transitions seamlessly between cultures from day to evening wear. Expect to see relaxed silhouettes with a sartorial touch that echo the brand’s ‘seed to stitch’ philosophy.


The communities at the foundation of our value chain are custodians of living traditions and are essential to this moment in time. Many of the rurally located Artisans we collaborate with already work from home – their spinning wheel, loom and kitchen activities happen in the same space – equipment might extend to the porch or a roof terrace. Family members often work as a team in charge of different operations. Many grow their own food and co-exist with animals. These craft communities located in remote areas have some of the smallest carbon foot prints on the planet. This self-sufficient model has never felt more inspiring or relevant as a model for living.


The moment we put on clothing there is a shift from being an individual to an interconnected member of society – cloth connects our bodies & minds to a team of makers that brings each garment to life. The materiality connects us to the environment & where we stand in relationship to it. The ingredients engaged in our natural dyes are indigenous- safe for skin & the planet – after the dyeing process is complete the nitrogen rich water & organic matter are used for fertilizing local crops. The process’ promotes team work / cooperation between Men & Women from various traditions of Faith.


Making clothes has the potential to incentivize social cohesion and shift impact from being exploitative and culturally degenerative to being regenerative with a focus on reclaiming culture and recovery.


11.11 / eleven eleven is the pret label of the parent company CellDSGN Pvt. Ltd. whose design vision and marketing initiatives are spearheaded by : Mia Morikawa, Graphic Design graduate from Central Saint Martin’s University of the Arts, London & Shani Himanshu, Master’s in Fashion Design from Domus Academy, Milan.

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